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Glazelock Shims

Engineered with the installer in mind


Glazelock Shims Inc. has been a manufacturer of structural plastic shims since 1997. We pride ourselves with quality products, quick turn around time, and great customer service.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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Our product line 
includes our patented Interlocking shims. These shims were invented by the owner, a window installer, to simplify the use of multiple shims in an application. Along with the Interlocking shims we offer multiple different size horseshoe shims, stackable shims and wedge-lock shims.

To date our product line includes six (6) interlocking shim sizes.

Featured Products

NEW GL-H8 Tapered Shim 1-1/2"x 7-3/4" Retail packaged 12 each. 24 per case. $47.52 per package

Product Information

 1-1/2 X 7-3/4 Black

Packaged for retail and ease of job costing. 12 Shims per wrap. 24 Wraps per box. Total 288 Shims/Box

All-purpose tapered plastic shims for construction, industrial and general use.  Attractively packaged for retail, wrapped units stack and display well.

GL-H8B NEW Tapered Wedge Shim 1-1/2"x7-3/4" Bulk box of 288 shims $41.21 per package

Product Information

1-1/2 X 7-3/4  Black

Packaged in bulk with 288 shims per box.

All-purpose tapered plastic shims for construction, industrial and general use. Bulk packaged for easy transport and access.

We also manufacture custom shims!

Ask us about our custom shims manufactured to your specifications. Glazelock shims are designed with the installer in mind.

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