Interlocking, Non-Interlocking, Stackable Plastic Shims, and Dust Containment System

Our patented interlocking, non-interlocking and stackable plastic shims are made of high impact polystyrene. 

Great for hardware & lumber, concrete & masonry supplies, leveling cabinets, flooring, windows.

Our product line to date includes six (6) interlocking shim sizes. Our standard plastic shim sizes are 1 1/2 by 3" and 3 by 4" in thicknesses of 1/4", 1/8" and 1/16". Glazelock also manufactures a universal stackable shim, a variety of flat shims, as well as having the ability to design and manufacture custom shims to your specifications.

Glazelock‚Äôs newest product Temp Wall, Dust Containment System is a temporary pressurized wall that contains dust and debris from entering other areas of the construction or home area. The dust containment system provides parts and accessories for easy installation and can be used over and over again. The patent pending design allows for a pressurized foam system sealing the perimeter, isolating the dust and air flow.

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We carry interlocking and non-interlocking shims, stackables, in wide variety of sizes and colors.

Don't see a shim that works for you? Ask us about our custom shims manufacturered to your specifications! Glazelock Shims are designed with the installer in mind!

Dust Containment System

The newest product is our new dust containment system.

Glazelock dust containment temporary wall provides quick and easy containment for construction debris and dust caused by new construction or remodeling.

Currently recommended for lead abatement programs, this wall system will help to keep out possible harmful lead materials from escaping into other areas.